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Bringing HTMX to Gemini: A Thought Experiment Toggle visibility

Why Bother?

At first glance, Gemini might seem a tad... minimalist. Especially when you contrast it with the bustling, ever-changing world of HTTP where htmx is emerging as the cool kid trying to cut down on JavaScript reliance. So, the thought arises: can we mix a dash of htmx into Gemini and spice things up?

Quick Detour: What's HTMX?

In case you've managed to dodge the web development bullet, you might be wondering what htmx is. It's been around, subtly influencing things, and only recently stepping into the limelight.

Its main goal? Making websites interactive without a heavy dose of JavaScript. Here's a sneak peek:

  <button hx-post="/click" hx-swap="outerHTML">Click Me!</button>

Hit the button, and your page gets a mini makeover based on what the server says. Surprisingly, this little trick can replicate a bunch of functionality we see on the web today.

Gemini's Purity

Gemini's beauty is in its simplicity. But introducing an htmx twist might be like adding a plot twist in a straightforward story. While it might deviate a bit from the original essence, it could open doors to a realm of interactivity without losing its core principle: no client-side scripting.

What About Going Offline?

Ah, the catch! With htmx, browsing every nook and cranny of Gemini offline might become a challenge. But the main content will still be there. And who knows, there might be ways to smartly preload interactive bits.

Imagining the Implementation

How would this look in action? Here’s a rough idea:

% /liked Enjoying this post?

Depending on the server's mood, it might swap it for "% /unlike Changed your mind?" or "% /unlike Liked it before? Un-like now?"

The "%" is akin to htmx's "hx-swap=innerHTML", but htmx has a lot more up its sleeve that could inspire Gemini's implementation.

Wrapping Up

This idea's still in its infancy, and it needs some feedback love. Is it genius? Is it too much? Let’s brainstorm!

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ait . @ait,

@bagder I read your post about gemini and I agree on almost every point. Your insight is invalueble and I hope gemini as project take your criticism to hearth.

The part about TOFU is missplaced however. While I do agree that It might be cofusing to some.
The goal of TOFU is to have a decenterlized way of doing encryption. One of the main things gemini tries to improve upon gopher is encryption by default.

While I love the EFF for doing a CA for everyone. The nessesary scale and complexity of such an orginization makes it kinda unfit for gemini.

I've been following the gemini pull requests and I'm a little sad, but understanding for it not to be merged.

(I've writen this some weeks ago, but unsure to toot it)

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@jorge I was listening to LAD. What are your thoughts on declarative immutable distros like nixos or guix. They seem to have many of the things you like about immutable distros, but allows for customization for the power user.

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ait . @ait,

Just got my domain back. Godaddy's ux is horrible, their prices have gotten worse and i'm glad to switch away from them.

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I've been using the helix editor for the past couple of days and it's been pretty great. I love how native the lsp feels and how set up it is out of the box. There has been a few rough edges, but definitely give it a try if you like modal editors. Going to keep it alongside my neovim for the time being.

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Nix OS has been great, but moving my configuration changes to a flake has been a daunting task that feels very cumbersome. I end up just ln everything to /etc/nixos and switch.

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@ChrisWere I bought a fountain pen today because of your video. I've wanted one for so long and finally got one. Thanks for introducing them to me.

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I ate some beans on toast today. But they were not Heinz. Is it bad to say that Heinz beans are not worth the money. Here I live it's like 4x the price for Heinz over the generic one.

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